About Us

At Thelo we offer unique construction service for any project. We work with the customer to plan and carry out the full construction process from start to finish.

We concentrate on understanding the customer’s aspirations for a project. We are always striving to create a bespoke solution to any of the client’s needs for the project.

From Renovations to Extentions each project is created and is planned working to provided architetureal plans designs to ensure the client gets the precise finish they are looking for. In all cases the project starts with a free, no-obligation estimate detailing the cost involved to complete the project.

Why Choose Thelo?

  • Consultation & Advice with Design
  • We can work with clients in the design phase to ensure the process creates the desired end look. This also helps make sure that the scheme has good build ability to let the process run smoothly to time and cost constraints.
  • Quoting or Tendering for all Projects or works
  • We are able to give clear quotes for work to give the client a good understanding of cost and what work will be undertaken by Thelo before a project is started.
  • Contract Management & Associated Project Documentation
  • Supply safety documentation to support the practice of safe working.
  • Organisation of sub-contracting work during processes using our trusted contractors or any other processes or finishes needed to complete the project.
  • We plan our projects to increase efficiency and complete the project to the desired finish and can supply a general programme of work to show guide timelines.

Construction Team

  • A freindly personalbe key team that undertake and oversee work
  • Our previous training and knowledge in construction help us to achieve the highest finishes which is of the upmost importance for us with any project.
  • Our understanding of stone masonry from creation to installation allows to incorporate our knowledge into our higher-end projects.
  • Operatives have industry competency and standard certication for site work where need be.
  • First aid trained project managers.
  • Quality Products
  • We hope to deliver the best products from market leaders in acordance with Build Regualtion and Bristish Standards.

Meet the directors

Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell

Director Contact Adam
Dan Blincoe

Dan Blincoe

Director Contact Dan

If you are looking at starting a new building project or would simply like to find out more about our construction services don't hesitate to get in touch.

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